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The key difference between a Buyers’ Agent and a traditional Selling Agent is essentially
who they represent in a real estate transaction. A buyers’ agent works exclusively
for the buyer, whereas the selling agent works for the vendor (seller).
'Engaging a Buyer's Agent allows independent objectivity to be maintained throughout
the entire buying process so as to achieve the best possible outcome for you!'


Although a Selling Agent may indicate they can assist you and help you find a suitable property, they would have an inherent conflict of interest or bias in recommending their own or their offices stock of listings. Conversely, a Buyers Agent will search the entire market and not have a vested interest in any specific property or selling agency.

We will solely represent you and your best interests, and we will support you throughout the buying process. As licensed professionals we are able to provide thorough, impartial advice and information on a property, and enable you to make decisions based on fact, not emotion. And if emotions are involved, we are your buffer so that the Selling Agent need not know you have fallen in love with their property!


Benefits of Engaging MARQUEE Property as your Buyer's Agent!

Buying property in South East Queensland can be a stressful, overwhelming and time consuming process.  Even just locating and identifying some ‘possibles’ amongst the many other properties available on the market can be difficult and confusing.

Your weekends are then spent attending inspections, handing over your personal details and consequently answering phone calls from eager agents (at all times of the day and night) keen to tell you their listing is your perfect property! By allowing MARQUEE Property to assist you with your property purchase will ensure you have confidentiality, along with local expertise and knowledge to guide you through the process and help you make the right decision.

The advantages of partnering with us include;

  • We are fully licensed real estate agents who immerse ourselves in the South East Queensland real estate market every day, and are constantly aware of any market and regulation changes that will affect a property’s appeal or value.

  • MARQUEE Property has access to every property listing available, and via our network of industry contacts, many off-market or ‘silent sales’ that you otherwise would not have known about.

  • We take the time to fully understand your needs and requirements, and once a detailed property brief has been established, we follow a proven and successful Step-by-Step Strategy to search, identify, evaluate and secure a suitable property for the lowest price possible and within the required time frame.

  • Our Buyers Agents are highly skilled in their field and expert negotiators. We have years of experience in implementing strategies and techniques required to secure your chosen property at the best price and with the most appealing terms for you. We will ensure you do not overspend, or pay an emotion based price.

  • With a network of professional contacts, along with our own Property Management team, we are able to provide all the support and assistance required through to settlement and beyond.

At MARQUEE Property, we have customised our Buyers' Agent Services to meet your individual needs. Depending on how much or how little assistance you require, we offer varying packages designed to allow you to be as involved, or uninvolved, as your time and circumstances permit.