Service / Experience / Results


At MARQUEE Property we have refined our buying process through years of experience.

Our Buyer's Agent Services have been tailored to offer choice for the specific needs of the buyer, and each one of them
follows (in full or in part) a proven system and strategy that will ensure your next purchase will be a successful one!


 This initial and very important step which is undertaken either by phone, Zoom, Skype, or face-to-face whenever possible, allows us to fully explain the buying process whilst at the same time establishing a detailed Property Brief that encompasses all of your needs, requirements and goals. The Initial Consultation is a complimentary service to allow you the opportunity to understand our process and the role of a Buyers’ Agent, as well as assuring you that MARQUEE Property are right people to be partnering with!

Although there are obvious differences in determining a Property Brief depending if it's a Property Investment or if you are Buying Your Own Home, essentially it is the 1st step in both circumstances and ensures we gain the necessary background information and understanding to proceed down the right path!



Once a property brief has been established, we begin a comprehensive search utilising all our sources and resources to determine a shortlist of target properties. Not only do we have access to every property listing across dozens of websites and platforms, we also have an extensive list of industry contacts that constantly keep us updated with upcoming listings and new developments.

In addition, it is not uncommon for vendors to contact MARQUEE Property directly (prior to them listing or even speaking with a selling agent), which can quite often lead to an 'off-market' opportunity for our clients!



Target properties are then meticulously inspected where additional 'unedited' photographs of the entire property are taken, and a detailed list of notes on the property's features and concerns are compiled.

Each property is then thoroughly analysed and evaluated, and detailed reports and accompanying photographs covering every aspect and consideration needed to make an informed decision are prepared and presented to you, along with a list of features and limitations and our own thoughts and recommendations.




Primarily, this step enables a decision to be made and a Due Diligence process to be followed. In discussion with you we will resolve any further queries you may have prior to submitting an offer or bidding at Auction. If required MARQUEE Property will;

  • For Auction Listings we will organise Building & Pest Inspections to be carried out
  • Arrange quotes for intended renovations or necessary maintenance
  • Liaise with your Solicitor or Conveyancer and forward them the Contract of Sale for assessment
  • Assist with the inclusion of Terms and/or Special Conditions as part of Auction Conditions or the Contract of Sale
  • Organise further inspections for those clients who wish to inspect in person

Once a property has been chosen and due diligence satisfied, we will devise a purchasing strategy to secure the property for the lowest price and with the terms required.



Confidence, but not over confidence is definitely the key here. Whether it’s for a listed price negotiation or bidding at Auction on your behalf, you can rest assured that MARQUEE Property has the experience, independence and expertise to ensure you don’t get emotionally involved and never pay more than you need to!

By following our proven systems and strategies, combined with the research and information gained from the previous steps, we can go into any negotiation with a complete understanding of the property's 'true value' and the confidence needed to succeed!



Unlike some other Buyers’ Agents our service doesn’t finish and we don’t request payment as soon as an offer has been accepted and the Contract has been signed. Immediately after securing the property we begin our support and assistance phase to ensure a smooth process through to settlement and beyond. We will liaise with, coordinate, and assist with whatever the client requires including;

  • Solicitors &/or Conveyancers
  • Building & Pest Inspections
  • Strata Searches
  • Mortgage & Insurance Brokers
  • Valuations
  • Property Management
  • Property Maintenance & Renovations