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It’s human nature to want to do something that you don’t often get a chance to do, and for most people the excitement of looking for,
and purchasing a new home or investment property is definitely one of those things!


However, it is not uncommon that once you have searched for and selected a property to pursue, knowing the ‘real’ value of that property and taking the next step to commit and start negotiations can be intimidating and provoke feelings of fear and hesitation.

Many of our clients have approached us after this exact situation has played out, which is why we have created an Inspect, Evaluate, Negotiate and Secure Service.

'Did you know that many Selling Agents regularly 
attend courses to master the art of negotiating, and
they are taught how to spot any signs of weakness?'


At MARQUEE Property we negotiate on properties every day, and we know all the tricks of the trade used by selling agents to persuade. We will provide an objective and impartial view on the property’s true worth and our independence means we remain emotionally detached during the buying process. This, coupled with our expert negotiation skills, will not only save you thousands of dollars but it will relieve you of the stress of the situation.

Our Inspect, Evaluate, Negotiate & Secure Service is designed for those property buyers who enjoy conducting their own search process and have already selected a property. This service includes;

  • Researching and evaluating the property and its location

  • A Suburb & Property Report detailing zoning restrictions and any flooding or council overlays, along with predicted capital growth potential

  • A detailed Property Analysis & Comparison Report including market and rental appraisals

  • Developing a strategy to secure the property with consideration given to the insertion of any necessary terms and special conditions the client requires

  • Negotiate the purchase of the property for the lowest possible price including attending and bidding at Auctions on your behalf

  • Assist, coordinate, and liaise with, all the support services required through to settlement and beyond including solicitors, building inspectors, mortgage and insurance brokers, property management and renovation.

Our fees for this service comprise of an initial Engagement Fee and a Success Fee upon securing the property. At MARQUEE Property we believe that an initial Engagement Fee shouldn’t be a prohibitive factor for clients in enlisting our professional services, and have set it at a market competitive rate of $550.00 (GST Inclusive).

Our Success Fee for the Inspect, Evaluate, Negotiate & Secure Service is only payable once a property purchase has proceeded through to settlement*, and we have structured the fee so that it is between 0.5%-0.75% + GST of the purchase price that is capped at a maximum fee of $4,500 + GST. Please contact us for more information.
* Based on a maximum 45 day settlement period